Case Study: Economist Educational Foundation

The Foundation was established in 2012 by The Economist in order to match the Economist’s expertise with the needs of socially and economically disadvantaged children in the UK and worldwide. The Foundation’s flagship project is The Burnet News Club – a network of school news clubs that equip young people with thoughtful voices on the social, political and economic issues that affect their lives.

The programme helps teachers establish and run a participating club in their school using training, extensive resources and content. Economist journalists write content for the Club on important topics in the news, and young people take part in lively weekly sessions to think critically about it. They discuss their ideas in a unique online community where their voices are heard by peers in other schools as well as influential experts in academia, business and politics.

The winning Burnet News Club school is announced at an awards ceremony at the end of the school year. In 2016 the winner was Napier Community Primary School.

The programme was set up at the suggestion and with funding from Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in 2013 – in memory of Sir Alastair Burnet, who in addition to being a prominent and well-loved broadcaster, was also Editor of The Economist Newspaper at the time Sir Evelyn was Chairman of the company.